A Pharmaceutical Lesson by Hieronymus Brunschwig

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HHS Sessions at the 1998 MLA Annual Meeting

HHS Business Meeting at the 1998 MLA Annual Meeting

HHS Poster Sessions at the 1998 MLA Annual Meeting

Co-sponsored sessions for the MLA Annual Meeting in 1998



History of the Health Sciences Section,
Relevant Issues Section and
Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Health Sciences Librarians SIG

"The Human Rights Campaign: Advocacy Initiatives for Healthcare Legislation"

Sunday, May 24th 4:00-5:30pm
Karen M. Zundel, Moderator

Seth Kilbourn, Invited Speaker
History of the Health Sciences Section,
Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section,
Public Services Section and Outreach Section

"Providing Library Services for Mid-Level Practitioners"

Monday, May 25th 4:00-5:30pm
Judith F. Burnham, Moderator
Joanne G. Marshall The Impact of Decision-making in Chronic, Long-term and Community Care
Jill L. Beard From Print to Web: A Collaborative Nursing Index
Karla J. Block Health Information Access for Rural Nurse Practitioners: A Collaborative Project
Keith W. Cogdill Nurse Practitioners' Information Needs and Information Seeking
Gabby Fenessy The Role of Information in Evidence-based Nursing
History of the Health Sciences Section,
and Relevant Issues Section

"Relevancy Ranking: Championing Involvement in Contemporary Social Issues"

Monday, May 25th 4:00-5:30pm
Gerald J. Perry, Moderator
Denis Gaffney The Medical Indexing of Homosexuality: Is it Relevant Today?
Karen Zundel The Pittsburgh PFLAG Library Outreach Project
Andrew Park Does Your Relevancy Rank? Relevant Partnering to Create Positive Change

History of the Health Sciences Business Meeting



Wednesday, May 27th


History of the Health Sciences Section Poster Session at the MLA Annual Meeting


The purpose of this poster session is to celebrate the MLA Centennial with a visual representation of the History of the Health Sciences Section..

Judith A. Overmeier
Nancy Whitten Zinn


The purpose of this poster session is to broaden appreciation both for William Blake's artistic and technical talent as it was exhibited even in work-for-hire and for holdings of his works at the National Library of Medicine. Nine engravings by William Blake that accompanied 18th-century medical and scientific books from the collection of the NLM's History of Medicine Division were studied. They were found to exemplify various skills and techniques representative of those used in book illustration during late-18th-century Europe. Historical and biographical research coupled with art historical observation was the methodology used to analyze the works. We found that the nine engravings and etchings interrelate in interesting ways. It is not surprising that Blake was commissioned to do work-for-hire. What is fascinating, however, is the tension that resonates from his works at this time, in some places exhibiting bold attempts at new techniques, but in others yet adhering to traditional practices..

David J. Vecchioli - Collection Access Technician, National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, Bethesda, MD
Marcia Zorn - Librarian, National Library of Medicine, Bibliographic Services Division, Bethesda, MD